North Carolina

There are 300 miles of beautiful wooded nature in the North Carolina Appalachian Trails. The trails of the Deep South offer sights and sounds that won’t be found elsewhere. Bicknell’s Thrush is a rare bird that is found along the trail. Even though visitors may not see the elusive bird, they will certainly hear its flute like call. Other animals that groups may see along on the way are moose, deer, bear, feral ponies, beavers and porcupines. Bears are becoming quite a nuisance along much of the Appalachian Trail. Check websites specific to each state to see what precautions should be taken to avoid a run-in with potentially dangerous wildlife. The trail’s highest altitude is on Clingman’s Dome, the 6,643 foot mountain in theGreat Smoky Mountains National Park. The views are spectacular. In the upper elevations the trees are spruce, firs and evergreens with short, dark needles. Since conifers dominate the highest mountains in the southern Appalachians, the forests are similar to those found in Maine. Clearing and maintaining the trail is a service project that is appreciated by all who hike and love nature.

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