Chinatown EntranceComprised of authentic Chinese cuisine like unusual candies and curious crunchies like dried cuttlefish, Chi-Town is your travel group’s one stop shop for dim sum, roasted meats, bubble milk tea, noodle varieties, soup dumplings and even Vietnamese, Shanghais, Taiwanese, Pekingese, Cantonese and Hongkonger specialties! Your bunch of globe trotters could easily spend an entire day just taste testing north of the Financial District! One of the great aspects of this neighborhood is all the foods you’ve never heard of that are equally delicious, affordable and interesting to show off on your Instagram account if you feel brave come time to order! Sightseeing takes your travel group from a statue of Confucius in Confucius Plaza all the way to the Kim Lau Memorial Arch, a reminder of the Chinese Americans whose lives were lost in World War II. Center yourselves upon entering the Mahayana Buddhist Temple across from the Manhattan Bridge where the golden Buddha (coming in at over 16 feet tall) rests upon a lotus flower. Oh, the shopping! Markets, street stands, tempting storefronts, your group could very well find yourselves stumbling into a martial arts supply store or Hello Kitty heaven! Remember this handy tip: Bring cash and prepare to haggle, many of the shops will only accept the green currency and incredible prices are famous if you can adapt to the local art of debating. Gift shops, herbal markets, tea and brewing accessories, even an ice cream factory with flavors like Zen Butter leave nothing to be desired! These days, Chinatown is populated by just about 100,000 folks. Having come about in the 1840s, Chinese immigrants established this neighborhood working occupations like cigar men or earning pay in the restaurant and laundry industry. The largest Chinatown outside of China has earned its place on the Must-See list when visiting NYC!

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