Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum

Housed in the impressive Georgian-style landmark mansion of industrial magnate Andrew Carnagie, Cooper Hewitt’s displays presents compelling evidence of the impact of design on daily life and is the only museum in the nation dedicated exclusively to historic and contemporary design. Founded in 1896, and a branch of the Smithsonian since 1967, the institution boasts one of the largest collections of decorative arts in the world, with collections, world-class design library and exhibitions exploring a span of over 240 years of design aesthetic and creativity. The 64 room mansion itself is a fascinating study in innovative design and was the first private residence in the United States to have a structural steel frame, a house elevator, central heating and a precursor to air conditioning. It may be lavish but it was designed to be a comfortable , light-filled home. The campus includes two historic townhouses completely renovated with state –of-the-art conservation technology, a wonderful terrace and large private garden, a restful oasis to this day; all are part of the fabulous Cooper Hewitt Design Museum venue. *Currently closed for renovations.

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