The Goethe Institute

Goethe Institute is committed to fostering cultural cooperation and promoting German language learning via public opportunities to interact with themes and questions relevant to all aspects of German culture and society; the New York Branch is the regional coordinator of 10 institutes and one center in the North American Region, comprised of the United States, Canada and Mexico, all committed to the same goals and objectives. Culture cravers looking to hone their German language skills or slip into uniquely immersive atmospheres of discussion, art and learning will enjoy guided tours of any of the three NYC locations: The Wyoming Building located in the East Village showcases presentations, performances, film screenings and exhibits-an intimate space to gather over coffee and join in great conversation; Ludlow 38 on the Lower East Side serves as a contemporary German art gallery and the 72 Spring Street Loft in SoHo contains the library and is a center for book club meetings, Institute gatherings and conferences.

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