Museum of the City of New York

Founded in 1923, and charged with the consideration of “All things New York,” this museum is now the premier institution dedicated to the exploration and preservation of the rich history and distinctly diverse culture of the five boroughs of New York City. While the museum displays many pieces of art in its collections, it is not an art museum; its focus is to educate through the scheduling of exhibitions that not only embrace the past but look toward and celebrate a bright future. Climate controlled galleries display a stunning array of over 750,000 objects including theater artifacts, decorative arts, fine furniture, paintings, prints, toys, sculpture and fine photography. Fabulous collections showcased in ongoing interdisciplinary exhibitions- Timescapes, Marine Paintings, Activists New York, City as Canvas and Rising Waters, to cite a few-explore the city’s past, present and future through dynamic offerings displaying unique cross sections of time, culture, individual and collective New York perspective and artistic interpretation. A favorite field trip destination, the museum continues in its cornerstone mission of serving and education the city’s younger generations.

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