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united-nations-nycThe international headquarters of the world’s peacekeeping organization, the United Nations, has been operating in New York City since the building’s completion in 1952. Over one million visitors explore the UN on guided tours every year to better understand this alliance’s mission to protect and serve the nations of the world.

Located on nearly 18 acres along the East River, the United Nations is an iconic landmark and a symbol of international cooperation. Arrive along the river and witness the flags of member states arranged in a colorful array of peace and partnership. Enter through the Visitor’s Center and take a guided tour of the headquarters, starting with the exhibits and installations on the works of the UN over the years. Visit the General Assembly Hall, the Security Council Chamber, the Trusteeship Council Chamber, and the Economic and Social Council Chamber where delegates and officials meet to discuss important issues. View the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, remnants from the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki such as bottles and coins, and various landmines. Artistic renditions decorate the headquarters though none are without crucial significance. See the “Golden Rule” mosaic, a guitar made from an AK-47, and a mural by artist Jose Vela Zanetti.

Official speakers are on hand by request to discuss topics and give briefings on nuclear safety and security, the UN charter, disarmament, counter-terrorism, peacekeeping, and human rights among many others. Each speaker is chosen based on their expertise and all are consulted or employed by the United Nations.

After you finish your tour, commemorate the visit with a souvenir or book from the UN or UNICEF gift shops, the UN Bookshop, or the UN Women’s Guild. The Visitor’s Cafe is open to the general public and only recently the Delegates Dining Room has been opened to visitors.

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