New York Hall of Science

“Forms in Transit,” a striking cast sculpture near the east entrance of New York Hall of Science greets visitors to this popular museum, established in 1964 as part of the original World’s Fair; where other exhibits closed, it remained open and served as a resource for students. Its exhibits at the time were limited but included plans for the world’s first public “atomarium.” As the museum transitioned from its original purpose and science-fiction orientation to a relevant science museum, the first in New York City, plans for the display of an atom were realized with a $40,000.00 quantum atom exhibit, part of a $400,000.00 expansion and renovation. The museum’s growth and popularity with visitors was most unexpected and led to the city’s pursuit of further funds and expansions. Today, its outdoor display of restored rockets donated by NASA continue to draw crowds and over 450 exhibits, demonstrations, workshops and activities explaining science, technology, engineering, and math offer an energetic and immersive hands-on educational experience to visitors of all ages. Increase your understanding of scientific principles of motion, sight, and sound with a recess on the Science Playground; consider Seeing the Light-learn about color and sight perception; embark on NYSci’s Search for Life Beyond Earth and meet Camille, the new Mars Rover designed by two sisters! Have a Big Apple evening free? Grab your group and engage in after-hours scientific exploration of everything from ant communication to the magic and wonder of optic illusions with Science After Dark! Scavenger hunt or milky way and cookies with a 3D movie, anyone?

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