New York Mets

“Meet the Mets! Meet the Mets! Stand right up and greet the Mets!” Bill Katz and Ruth Roberts penned this little ditty way back in 1961. Die-hard fans of this old New York ball club are famous for standing by their blue(and-orange) collar team, team, thick and thin. If you’re numbered amongst the faithful, and tickets to see your boys at “The New Shea” (Citi Field) aren’t part of your Big Apple travel agenda, make sure your travel group (you’re all Mets fans, right?) stop in at the Mets Clubhouse at 11 West 42nd grab yourselves some cool team memorabilia-they’ve got a huge selection of everything a long-time fan of the New York Metropolitans could want, with alotta caps at better-than-ballpark prices and all the “Mr. Met” a devotee could hope for. “…East Side, West Side, everybody’s comin’ down…to meet the Mets of New York Town!”

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