New York Skyride

Sit back in a comfortable seat and let Kevin Bacon fly you over the New York that is rarely seen. This is, of course, the New York Skyride, a virtual tour of New York City from above, below, and in between all narrated by movie star Kevin Bacon.

Skyride debuted in 1995 as a complementary attraction to the Empire State Building’s observation deck and is located on the second floor of said building. This is a perfect attraction for first-time New York visitors yet it’s also a great stop for even the most seasoned of vacationers. See sites that even most locals have never seen. Soar from incredible heights without fear of falling, speed through traffic at breakneck speeds that even the taxi drivers can’t match, and see the New York landmarks from unusual and enlightening angles. See Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and Yankee Stadium among other attractions both famous and unknown. Come after a visit to the observation deck to enhance your experience of New York from above.

Skyride tours show every half hour from 8:00 am-10:00 pm daily, including holidays. Helicopter tours and double-decker bus tours of the city are also offered through Skyride’s parent company, Skyline Multimedia Entertainment.

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