Ocean City Beach

Ocean City BeachGroups of globetrotters planning a grand East Coast holiday will be happy to find to find a trip to this popular Maryland sun and sand center – the pride of the good people of Ocean City – on their itinerary; its spotless boardwalks and ten miles of clean, warm beach unfailingly attract hordes of visitors in search of the quintessential Eastern Seaboard experience. Shell-seekers, sand-castle architects, sun worshippers, Frisbee addicts, people watchers, bookworms and beach bums and bunnies will all enjoy the pristine slice of miles of white sand and find plenty of room to toss their towels, plunk down their water bottles and cast off their cares. The Boardwalk, one of the finest in the Country and officially known as Atlantic Avenue, is an unbelievable kaleidoscope of well-loved eateries, fabulous shopping and entertainment, fairway amusement and even lodging; bicycles, horses and skates/blades are welcome – rent your wheels and get a great work out while burning off those inevitable yummy splurges of Maryland crab cakes and legs, Delmarva Fried Chicken, Thrasher’s Fries, luscious salt water taffy, rich, creamy fudge and ice cream and more! Sleepy Ol’ Sol will eventually kick off his flipflops and tuck into bed, but local activities are unending and fill the night air with the sweetly nostalgic sounds and scents of an Ocean City Summer: free concerts, bonfires and movies beneath the stars extend your lazy, hazy Ocean Beach day. A nice surprise? Beach access is absolutely free, open to the public from six a.m. to ten p.m.

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