Downtown Disney

Dowtown DisneyAt Downtown Disney, a whomping kick into Disney-overdrive awaits fans of Walt Disney’s legendary magic at this absolutely over-the-top leisure and entertainment complex in sunny Florida! Pop on your mouse ears, squeeze into your Peter Pan suit and channel your inner dreamer or just go “Goofy” and experience all the fantastic fun and familiar branding of the beloved Disney World Parks in the company of your favorite characters at a conveniently located, bustling hub of world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment options sure to fix the crave of the most die-hard Disney fans! Whether you and your travel companions are looking to extend the quintessential, consumptive magic of an inaugural Disney World Adventure or you just aren’t down with the classic – albeit overwhelming – six park experience due to time constraints or a jam-packed itinerary, a happy little wander through this dazzling and magical district offers everyone in your band of Disney fans a fantastic compromise in the shape of a remarkable diversion from the standard tourist snares with its tantalizing offering of sizzling action and attractions, all themed accordingly, of course! Stroll along the lively promenade lined with fantastic eateries and watering holes and exciting boutiques and shops in a perfectly immersive Disney World environment. Special seasonal and holiday events and spectacular live performances happening year-round ensure you’ll always be part of some grand Disney-style celebration; this unbelievable and ever-expanding shopertainment center definitely delivers everyone in your group a perfect dose of the “Happiest Place on Earth” – along with complimentary parking!

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