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Our faith in an awesome and sovereign God links believers together across the globe; what better way to strengthen and nourish those ties that bind us, here on Earth, to each other and to our Father in Heaven than to treat your travel group to a very special R and R day-a day of rejoicing and restoration- at “Holy Land Experience” in Orlando, Florida! “HLE” delivers your travel group an awesome extravaganza of historically-recreated Biblical points of interest, marvelous exhibits and demonstrations, interactive and solitary activities, beautifully arranged live presentations, storytelling and glorious ministry and worship opportunities. The moment you pass thru the gates of the walled city, you are swept up and immersed in an “Ancient Jerusalem” ambience, where sights, structures, sounds and settings from a place in time over 2000 years ago engulf and draw you into an unforgettable experience! Wonderful renditions of The Garden Tomb, the Great Temple and Plaza, Qumran Dead Sea Caves, Jerusalem and the Wilderness Tabernacle are intricately detailed, inside and out, to give visitors the best possible understanding of their Biblical Significance. The HLE musical team, “Century,” will recount throughout your visit, in story and song, significant historical events that transpired during this pivotal place in Human History! Enjoy magnificent concerts and attend inspirational and motivational worship and youth services by the best in today’s ministry in the beautiful, state-of-the-art 2000 seat auditorium of the Church of All Nations; if your preference is quiet time, three tranquil and lush private Prayer Gardens await your presence in this living, breathing  Biblical museum!

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