SeaWorld Entrance

Groups on Florida  getaway  won’t want to miss a trip to  this  ever-popular zoological amusement  park, the ninth most visited in the United States; Sea World, Orlando continues to draw the crowds season after season with its vast and exciting array of themed rides, animal shows and habitat exhibits. Thrill to the biggest and most expansive attraction in the park’s history- Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin®. Experience all the icy majesty of the South Pole through a penguins’ eyes on an exhilarating family ride, then venture out into an epic penguin encounter that treats you and your travel companions to privileged views of their frozen world! Let Shamu’s Happy Harbor bring out the bold adventurer – and delighted giggles – in your little ones with rides like Jazzie Jellies, Sea Carousel and Ocean Commotion;  bigger kids will soar like a giant ray aboard Manta® – the only flying roller coaster of its kind in the world! Round out your Manta-ganza with a thrilling pass through the Manta Aquarium, featuring 10 stunning underwater habitats, more than 100 rays, and thousands of vibrantly colorful fish, and a visit to Stingray Lagoon, where guests are encouraged to ”pet” over 200 rays as they glide just beneath the still surface of their peaceful habitat. Florida’s warm, tropical waters are home to a stunning diversity of life and perhaps none are more rare and endearing than the wonderful manatee; Sea World is dedicated to the restoration of declining populations of many wild creatures and its resident manatees are all rescues, “working” hard to get fit for their ultimate return to the sea. Meet them, along with Polar Bears, walruses, sea turtles, parrots, dolphins and a host of other fascinating animals who call the park home. Lose yourselves in the spellbinding magic and colorful energy of the all-new Shamu show, One Ocean® – feel the awesome rhythm and spirit of life beneath the deep blue;  be sure to sit in the “soak zone* for an absolutely immersive experience! More than a dozen restaurants serving up everything under the sun feature all your favorites, and almost two dozen themed “shopportunities”  promise everyone that perfect memento of their Sea World adventure!

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