Pacific Park

While your adult group is in Los Angeles, you should consider spending a day at Pacific Park. Group members can ride fun rides, play games, enjoy quality cuisine and beverages, and shop for a gift or souvenir. Visitors of all ages will have a fantastic time at this popular attraction. There are several fun rides for the team to enjoy. You and your group mates will find rides such as the Pacific Wheel, Inkie’s Pirate Ship, Sea Planes, Inkie’s Air Lift, Pacific Plunge, the West Coaster, and the Sea Dragon. The West Coaster is the “only West Coast, oceanfront, steel roller coaster located on a pier over the Pacific Coastline.” During the ride, visitors will see spectacular views of Santa Monica Bay and the Pacific Ocean. You will be sprayed by the ocean as you escalate to a height of 55 feet. The Pacific Plunge ride is a 9-story, breathtaking tower ride where group members will be taken 150 feet high. During the ride, your group can take in the view of the Pacific Ocean. If you and your group mates enjoy playing games, Pacific Park has several for you to play. There are games such as Top Glow, Whack-A-Mole, Tub Toss, Coastline Cat Rack, Riptide Ring Toss, and Roller Derby. The Coastline Cat Rack game is fun for visitors of all ages. Players will be given three chances to knock down props off of the cats paws. If group members knock down two cats, you will get a small prize However; if you knock down all three, guests will get a large prize. When visitors play the Rip Tide Ring Toss, you will try to land one of the plastic rings on one of 187 bottles to receive a jumbo prize.

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