Betsy Ross House

Betsy Ross Guided Tour

Credit Philadelphia CVB

The Betsy Ross House is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Betsy was a seamstress who is known to have made the first American Flag. She was a widow and lived at the location. The house has a gift shop with an exhibit area and historical tours available for your group to explore. Your trip wouldn’t be complete without a group visit to the Betsy Ross House. They offer group tours during the visit. You will be personally introduced to Betsy in her upholstery shop. Visitors will also learn about her fascinating life and career. Featured topics include the following: Betsy’s undercover activities, her family life, and the iconic flag sowing story. There are also audio tours offered as well. After your tour, the group is encouraged to come out to the courtyard and enjoy free family friendly programming. Other features include hearing storytelling and getting the chance to meet history makers. The war for independence left many women without spouses. The famous flag maker lost three husbands and was left with seven children. She did not have enough resources to support her family but possessed skills as a seamstress. She operated her business until the age of 70 and died at the age of 84.

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