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The Independence Seaport Museum is located in Philadelphia. Visitors can explore Philadelphia’s interesting past and present. Connect yourself with the water through art and artifacts, interactive exhibits, the workshop on the water, and two historic ships- the Olympia and the Becuna. The museum is within walking distance of the Liberty Bell. There are various exhibitions presented for the group at the location. Exhibitions include: Tides of Freedom: African Presence on the Delaware, O, Sugar! The Magical Transformation from Cane to Candy, Disasters on the Delaware: Rescues on the River, Olympia: Launching the American Century, Homeport Philadelphia, Coming to America, Philadelphia and the China Trade, and Ship Via Philadelphia. The Disasters on the Delaware: Rescues on the River exhibition lets guests explore the disasters that unfolded as the Delaware developed into a watery highway for trade and commerce while experiencing all of the misfortunes, along with the miracles and the lessons learned. The exhibit also introduces historical prints and newspaper headlines that were used to broadcast and memorialize these terrible marine catastrophes.

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