Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Escape artists plotting an East Coast getaway won’t want to bypass this time-honored area tradition, established way back in 1918! Ripley’s Believe it or Not boasts not one, but three amazing attractions in Ocean City – all part of the same frighteningly fun and funky experience visitors have come to expect from this legendary purveyor of all things weird, wild, wacky and wonderful. The Ripley’s Odditorium features twelve themed galleries in 10,000 square feet on two floors – over 500 exhibits dead certain to tickle your fancy and trip that terror trigger! Wander the works; you’ll encounter authentic shrunken heads and cannibal skulls, the world’s rarest egg, the “original” chicken with its head cut off – he lived for 18 months before passing to the other side of the road – and unfortunately awkward two-headed animals as you explore this hallowed hall of the mind-blowing and macabre. A turn through Ripley’s Marvelous Mirror Maze lets you lose – and find – and lose – wait; find – yourself in a labyrinth of mirrors and flashing LED lights – the better to confuse you; reward yourself for escaping with your sanity intact with something sinfully sweet from the Candy Factory located just inside the Maze. Feeling extra-evasive and energetic? Navigate larger-than-life-sized interactive optical illusions – and Odditorium’s truly weird staff – or dive into a pulsating web of brilliant green lasers, dodging over and darting under at lightning speed without breaking a single beam to reach the end of the gauntlet! Grab your group and get ready to experience serious sensory overload in the wide world of weirdness that is Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Ocean City!

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