Ripley’s Believe It or Not

At first glance, sightseeing itinerants on Sunshine State getaway won’t believe Ripley’s Believe it or Not’s oddly off-kilter Orlando Odditorium isn’t slipping into a Florida sinkhole! Once you’re convinced it’s a clever illusion, move inside-if you dare-and embark on a self-guided, self-paced tour of 16 intriguing galleries filled with unexpected, original objets d’art, unique menageries, authentic artifacts, and rare-to-repulsive treasures from around the globe, with all displays inspired by legendary artist, entrepreneur and founder Robert Ripley’s unbelievable personal collections of natural and man-made oddities obtained on his fantastic lifetime of expedition to over 200 countries! The 10,000 square foot museum, open 365 days a year, is chock full of unconventional exhibits, many interactive, of the strange and outrageous; sights, sounds and illusions sure to engage the inquiring mind beyond comfortable limits, satisfy any craving for the weird and unusual and taunt, terrify and maybe even trip a gag reflex or two! From the mild: a balloon powered chair that flew up and away over the Rocky Mountains, a Rolls Royce built entirely of matchsticks and a portrait of Beyonce crafted from candy, to the wild: a seven legged sheep, a genuinely gruesome shrunken human head, a Medieval Torture Chamber filled with terrifying implements, eerily lifelike wax figures and scores of creepy curiosities that must remain undisclosed – the element of surprise is part of the fun – a tour of Orlando’s most bizarre attraction may not be what you expected, might inspire freakish nightmares, but will definitely give you and your travel companions something to talk about for the remainder of your trip, Believe It or Not!

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