Royals & Kauffman Stadium

While your adult group is visiting Kansas City, you may want to take a tour of Kauffman Stadium. The location is the home baseball field of the Kansas City Royals baseball team. Baseball fans of all ages will enjoy this unique experience. There are a few tours available for the group to consider. You can take the Group Tour, the All Access Tour, the Legends Tour, or the Grand Slam Tour. During the Group Tour, you will have the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the stadium. The group will see areas such as the Press Box, the Royals Interview Room, and the Royals Dugout. The tour is one hour in length. The Grand Slam Tour is two hours long. Each guest will receive a stretched canvas Kauffman Stadium picture and an exclusive Kauffman Stadium baseball cap. During the experience, you will see areas that are normally off-limits such as the Dugout Suite, the BATS Crown Club, the KIA Diamond Club, and the Royals Hall of Fame. The Legends Tour is a 90-minute experience. During the tour, your adult group will have the opportunity to visit the Royals Hall of Fame, the Interview Room, and take part in the outfield experience. The Royals Hall of Fame is a museum where your group will be educated and entertained. There are interesting exhibits for you to observe during the visit. One of the galleries is the Clubhouse Lobby Gallery which contains exhibits such as Retired Numbers, the Ash Wood Wall, and Predecessor Teams Panels. The Ash Wood Wall contains the history of professional baseball in Kansas City from its very beginning in 1884. There are images and headlines that tell the story of the eight teams to call Kansas City home.

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