Sacramento Zoo

The Sacramento Zoo, today, is a far cry from its humble beginnings as a tiny four acre attraction that opened in 1927 as the William Land Park Zoo, with a menagerie of 40 animals assembled from the collections of various parks around the city. In 1949, the zoo’s first elephant was purchased with funds raised from a drive sponsored by the local newspaper; six years later, a companion joined her. In the 1960s, the zoo increased in size to its current 14.2 acres and new habitat sprung up everywhere with the help of a $300,000.00 zoo improvement bond. A grizzly and two orangutans took up residence in 1965-admisssion was twenty five cents; in 1970 the name was changed to Sacramento Zoo. Over the years, with every wonderful improvement and addition to the Zoo family came learning and with learning new change was implemented; now home to over 140 native, rare and endangered species, the wonderful, foot-and-family friendly Sacramento Zoo inspires appreciation, respect and a connection with wildlife and nature through its many exhibits and programs highlighting the objectives of recreation and conservation. A self-guided animal art tour treats visitors to a wide array of fine artistic renderings around the park; the Giraffe Encounter allows a delightful meet-and-greet with long necked occupants from the Tall Wonders Deck. A fantastic local browse program allows donations of non-toxic tree and shrub clippings and trimmings to help feed the animals; this popular little city zoo relies on the benevolence of community members and kind patrons to ensure its upkeep, growth and preservation as a safe home and haven for its multitude of furred and feathered, finned and winged residents and  favorite attraction of locals and tourists, alike.

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