African Art Museum

African Art MuseumThe African Art Museum is an amazing cultural exhibit displaying the differences between the traditional art we see in America and the art that describes the way of life in Africa. It is also the largest publicly held collection of contemporary African art in the United States! In the Museum, your educational group will find more than 9,000 objects representing almost every country in Africa dating from ancient to recent times. The African Art Museum contains just about every type of art you could think of! They show textiles, photography, sculpture, pottery, paintings, jewelry, and video art. Educational travel groups will enjoy the chance to view the amazing works of such an influential people! The lectures, public discussions, films, storytelling, musical performances, and workshops that help to improve your better understanding of the African culture will make the educational process come alive! This will be an experience you remember for years to come! Your group will get the opportunity to see the relics of the African people and view the world through their eyes. This Museum is more than unique and your educational travel group will adore the amazingly kept artifacts and the combination of different art styles kept in each floor. Masks, paintings, and more will make you want to wander every floor! Don’t let your travel group miss out on an amazing opportunity to see the largest publicly held collection of African artifacts in the United States today! Who knows when you’ll get the chance to visit again?

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