The Smithsonian Institute

Smithsonian Castle Towers

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The Smithsonian Institute has got to be one of the favorite attractions of the many tourists that visit Washington, D.C. every year! Consisting of 19 different museums on almost every topic you could think of and even a zoo, this museum is a wonderful way to spend a day in Washington, D.C. African Art, Air and Space, American Art, American History, American Indians, Natural History, there’s a museum for all of these and more! With tons of artifacts and exhibitions, this is one of the most famous museums in the country, and they’re great with kids of all ages! There are even interactive exhibits offered at many of the different museums that are sure to get everyone interested! These museums alone are enough reason to come to Washington, D.C. This is something everyone in your group will love and it will show them how to see the world in many different lights! See artifacts as historic as the first working airplane, a T-Rex skeleton, original Native American artifacts, the Hope Diamond, and so much more in this amazing string of museums that no one will want to miss. The Smithsonian Institution is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for something educational and beneficial for your traveling group! With an adequate amount of information for your travel group, you simply can’t afford to miss a museum like this! Don’t let your group be one of the few to miss out on this amazing opportunity to see the world and all it has to offer at one of the biggest and best museums in American history!

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