Air and Space Museum

Air and Space MuseumThe Air and Space Museum in the Smithsonian is an excellent place for history, flight, and space lovers! This Museum has thousands of objects on display over the topic of flying and exploring space. Your educational tour group will absolutely love seeing amazing artifacts like a lunar rock you can actually touch, Albert Einstein’s Planetarium, a Public Observatory, and even the first successful airplane! Imagine the excitement on your groups’ faces when they get the amazing opportunity to see the advancements of flight and space technology over the years. The Lunar Exploration Vehicles exhibit displays the Apollo Lunar Module, Lunar Orbiter, Surveyor, Ranger, and Clementine spacecraft. Your educational tour group will get to see objects that have actually been on the moon! Your tour group will have the time of their lives as they explore every thought they have ever had about flight and space exploration. This Museum even has a more sensitive exhibit meant to memorialize the men and air machines of World War II. In the exhibition Moving Beyond Earth, your group will be told the recent history of human spacecraft and think of future possibilities for our space exploration expedition. Seeing these amazing exhibits will brighten up a dull day for any group tour! There are even flight simulators offered for use of the public to help your sense of imagination! Flight simulation rides are a guaranteed way to bring even more fun to the already exciting artifacts and displays offered by the Air and Space Museum!

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