Museum of the American Indian

Statue at National Museum of American IndianThe Museum of the American Indian is a wonderful educational center for anyone interested in the Native Americans and the way they lived their lives not so long ago. This museum has one of the most extensive collections of Native American artifacts in the world! Over 12,000 years of history is collected here. More than 1,200 indigenous cultures are represented by the over 825,000 items on display inside the museum. In addition to this, the museum also has photographs. There are 324,000 images from the 1860s to the present! There are daily special events and hands on activities offered to help visitors truly get into the history! This museum is a fantastic way to show any person the history of the Native American people, and with all of the exhibitions and artifacts there, it’s easy to get caught up in the history. Your educational travel group will love seeing the world in a way that portrays the lives of the American people in a way that justly identifies their love of nature and respect for the earth around them. When your travel group is shown the betrayal of the American Indians’ trust the United States committed, they will rightly be saddened. You will not regret a trip to this amazing exhibition of the American Indian tribes and their history in the United States. This is a wonderful museum with something to suit everyone’s educational desires. Your group will not want to miss an exhibition as touching and diverse as this.

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