Swim with Dolphins

Animal lovers of all ages on Hawaiian holiday will jump at the chance to hang out with dolphins; touch, pet, laugh at and frolic with these amazingly social sea mammals in natural settings or specially recreated habitat environments. Toss them a snack, take a dorsal fin ride, experience the “foot push,” a hearty handshake or a sweet dolphin kiss.  Splash alongside trained animals in peaceful park lagoons, snorkel amongst Hawaii’s wild dolphins and other marine life in the deep blue Pacific or be a trainer for a day…or week!  A wide array of entertaining and customizable experiences afford  travelers  to the Islands in search of that quintessential, family-friendly vacation itinerary or specialized dolphin adventure unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to interact and  be photographed with these fascinating, sensitive and highly intelligent creatures; take home an optional DVD of your encounter and relive the magic of your visit with the dolphins anytime you like!

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