Titanic, The Experience

“Titanic, The Experience!” Is there anything about a guided tour of this legendary, ill-fated cruise ship that WOULDN’T appeal to a group of  romantic historians on Orlando holiday? Upon arrival at this fabulously recreated exhibition-don’t forget your jacket-you are whisked back in time  and slapped by a chilly blast of Arctic air as you step aboard; you are now a passenger on Titanic and your time travel begins! Venture out on your own, or accompany remarkably trained actors resplendent in fine period dress along an hour’s tour of an astonishing array of hundreds of authentic ship artifacts and displays, all housed in Premier Exhibitions’ 17 gallery, 20,000 square foot interactive Titanic museum. Fabulous full-scale recreations abound: stroll the elegant Promenade Deck as you scan the horizon and steal a peek inside a luxurious First Class Cabin. Imagine whooshing down the Grand Staircase dressed in the style and splendor of the day or ponder taking your afternoon tea with “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” in the charming Veranda Café. In the Underwater Room, you will marvel at an 8’ scale replica of lost-at-sea Titanic, as she now lies, the tragically famous ghost ship evermore, deep beneath the chilly waters of the unforgiving Atlantic.  Perhaps your seagoing group wishes to dine with the Captain, mingling and conversing with famous guests, reveling in all the period merriment and splendor of the Ship? Reserve your place Fridays at the “First Class Dinner Event,” and experience to the last, perfect detail the night she embarked on her maiden voyage! Saturdays, the “Titanic Dinner Event” celebrates the stalwart Captain’s retirement that fateful eve in April with an amazing cast of notable passengers – dance and dine the night away in grandest fashion right up to the moment the great ship meets the iceberg!

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