Adventureworks Zip Line Tours

Nashville’s most popular ziplining outfitter expects guests to show up ready to rock and roll, and wild things on Music City excursion down for anything awesome will happily kick off those dusty cowboy boots, lose the shopping bags, lace up those Asics and grab a safety helmet. Perfect for adding a splash of excitement to any travel itinerary, Adventureworks offers a variety of exhilarating zip tours and aerial treks tendering groups of all ages in search of the ultimate outdoor/fitness activity an exceptional teambuilding experience as they soar through the lush green Tennessee canopy or “rise” to the challenge of action-packed Aerial Trek obstacle courses. Eco Canopy Zips average 90 minutes in duration and feature nine lines up to 85 feet high and 800 feet long; special Full Moon and Firefly (viewing) tours let your group zip the light fantastic. Planning to travel once temps cool down a bit? Several nights in October an exclusive Haunted Forest Zip whisks more intrepid souls on Nashville getaway quietly through the deep, dark autumnal woods on the land where Middle Tennessee manufacturing magnate Montgomery Bell lived and died for a glimpse of the area’s most notorious ghost. As you slice through the chilly night air, you’re regaled with tales of his life and times; you’ll want to keep a sharp eye out for his restless specter, frequently spotted searching for lost buried treasure. Special add-ons like Quantum Leap and Giant Swing are the sprinkles and cherry atop an absolutely energizing, multi-tiered treetop adventure!

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