USS Constellation

While your group is in Baltimore, you should consider checking out the USS Constellation. The ship was launched on September 7, 1797. In December of 1799, the ship sailed to the West Indies. Visitors will have the opportunity to see exhibits and check out the ship itself as part of the experience. The visit should begin at the Museum Gallery. Group members will learn about the history of the USS Constellation. Guests can check out fascinating artifacts and personal effects from some of the crewmembers. After looking at the artifacts in the museum, your group can climb aboard the ship and examine her inner-workings and learn about her fascinating history. There are crewmembers on board the ship to answer questions pertaining to the history of the vessel. The USS Constellation is one of four historic ships located in Baltimore.


Visitors will have the opportunity to check out the four decks of the vessel as part of the experience. The top deck is known as the spar deck and is where all sailing operations took place. The next deck is known as the gun deck. This is the area where the ship’s main battery of guns, the Captain’s Cabin and the Galley are located. As your group explores further, you will come to the berth deck which is the place where the majority of the crewmembers lived and socialized. The final deck is known as the ship’s hold. This area is where food, water and gear for a crew of 325 was stowed. Group members can do things such as pull on some lines, participate in a gun drill or see what is cooking in the galley in the course of the visit.

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