Elmwood Park Zoo

Elmwood Park Zoo is located in Valley Forge. The group will get to meet different animals and view exhibits. Take time during your trip to visit this one-of-a-kind attraction. Featured animals include: amphibians, Birds, Fish, Mammals, and Reptiles. Birds include: the Bald Eagle, the Barn Owl, the Blue and Gold Macaw, the Burrowing Owl, the Chilean Flamingo, the Golden Eagle, and the Muscovy duck. Reptiles include the following: the American Alligator, the Black Rat Snake, the Box Turtle, the Diamondback Terrapin, the Green Iguana, the Northern Pine Snake, the Red Footed Tortoise, and the Western Hognose Snake. Amphibians include the following: the Blue Poison Dart Frog, the Hourglass Frog, and the Surinam Toad. Mammals include: the American Bison, Big Horn Sheep, the Black Footed Ferret, the Bobcat,
the Capybara, the Coatimundi, and the Cougar. The group will enjoy seeing the animals and learning about each species.

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