John James Audubon

The John James Audubon Center is located near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The museum stands in the first historic U.S. home of John James Audubon. This museum features a unique combination which includes nature, art, and history. It also houses all of Audubon’s major works. Audubon was a famous artist. The museum contains one of the country’s most impressive collections of oil paintings, original Audubon prints and Audubon memorabilia. Visitors will enjoy the nature trails and wildlife that can be found at the Audubon sanctuary which is part of the home and estate of the First American Naturalist. John James Audubon was also an author as well. Mill Grove was built in 1762 and sits three miles from Valley Forge National Historical Park. Audubon’s father bought the home in 1789. The surrounding woods inspired Audubon’s first painting. In the years 1803-1806 the young man first fell in love with the American landscape and spent his time sketching native wildlife. Bring your group to this museum where you will have an eye-popping experience viewing Audubon’s work.

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