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While your adult group is in Los Angeles, you should check out the world-renowned Warner Bros. Studio. Visitors can take a tour of the location as part of the experience. You can also see fascinating exhibits on display. The company is a global leader in the creation, production, distribution, licensing and marketing of all forms of creative content. You and your group mates can enjoy the Deluxe Tour which is popular and entertaining. In the course of the tour, visitors will check out the museum which has Batman’s original costume, as well as props and artwork. You will also have the opportunity to venture into the craft shops which is where artisans design sets, props, and costumes. Guests will visit real working productions where you can talk to individuals in the crew and get an up close and personal look at how movies are made. The tour is five hours long. The Deluxe Tour also includes a lunch in the Studio Commissary with some of the stars. The Studio History Tour is informative and a fun experience for the adult group to enjoy. Group members will learn about some of the memorable moments that have happened in Warner Bros. history. You will have the chance to see various areas of the studio which include the Warner Bros. lot, stage 16, and the Warner Bros. Studio facilities. Stage 16 is known to be the tallest stage in the world. The studio has the largest collection of period and contemporary costumes. The lot is 110 acres and it has been transformed into a jungle or a bustling metropolitan area.

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