Water Sports

Adventurous groups on Hawaiian excursion will definitely want to make room on their agenda for a few island-style water sports; what better place to get your wet on than in a dreamy, tropical paradise setting? Snorkel a crystal bay and lounge on warm sand bars, dive right in and do the scuba, get the hang of stand-up-paddling, grab your board and rendezvous at a secret surf spot, parasail 300 feet over the Pacific or hit the waves on your own jet-ski. Slide into a kayak and explore peaceful island sanctuaries at your leisure, hop on a bumper tube for the ride of your life, carve it up and catch some sweet air on a wakeboard or ski blue Hawaii-who wouldn’t want to take home stories of such grand adventure? Whatever your pleasure, if you can do it in or around the water, why not try it island-style?

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