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Busch Gardens Williamsburg fits in beautifully with the charm and culture of Williamsburg Virginia.  At this park you can walk straight from American history into fascinating European culture.  Each section of the park is themed after a different country – France, England and Scotland, Italy, Ireland, and Germany.  The story of each of these cultures is then told through musical performances, dining, and amazing rides.  Busch Gardens has massive, exciting roller coasters named for legendary creatures.  The Griffon was a mythical bird that was part eagle and part lion.  The coaster of the same name throws you down a 70 mph drop at a 90-degree angle. Apollo’s Chariot is consistently voted in top 10 steel coaster lists with 9 amazing plummets of its own.  And Busch Gardens also boasts the Big Bad Wolf and the Loch Ness Monster, which flings you 13 stories in the air and 114 feet down.  With all that and so much more, Busch Gardens Williamsburg is sure to become one of your favorite theme parks in the country.

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