Wonder World Park

Wonder World Park is located near San Antonio, Texas. It is a one-of-kind Theme Park which is known as the 1st show cave in Texas. Visitors can take a tour of the Balcones Fault Line Cave. The location also contains other family-friendly attractions and entertainment. Your group will have the chance to take a guided tour of the Balcones Fault Line Cave. The tour focuses on the Great Texas Earthquake and the dramatic physical changes that happened millions of years ago. Your group may eat a lunch provided by the park. The lunch includes a deli sandwich, chips, brownie, and a large soft drink. There are other fun attractions that will enhance your experience. Featured attractions include the following: Mystery Mountain and Wildlife Park, Tejas Observation Tower, and the Anti-Gravity House. Mystery Mountain and Wildlife Park is interesting for visitors of all ages. The group will climb aboard the train and travel to the Wildlife Petting Park. You will splash through the cascading waterfall. There will be friendly deer and other critters waiting when you arrive for you to feed and pet. The Anti-Gravity House is an entertaining attraction. Things that go up do not always come back down and water even runs uphill. Visit this fun and fascinating Theme Park and see this amazing cave!

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