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Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and Old Faithful

Waking up early, you begin your day hiking toward the central area of Yellowstone. Arrive at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, home of the well known Upper and Lower Falls. From there you will take a scenic walk to where bison and elk grazing are sure to be spotted. This area known as Hayden Valley is where grizzly bears and wolves call home as they pursue their search for food. You will then walk the shores of Lake Yellowstone, famous for being the largest lake above 7,000 ft. in North America. You will then arrive at the reason why Yellowstone was declared a National Park, the world’s largest geothermal region. Spend some time taking in Old Faithful Geyser before heading to The Old Faithful Inn where you’ll rest from a long day of amazing scenery and abundant wildlife.

Northern Yellowstone

Walk through the North Gate, the original entrance to the oldest National Park in America’s History. Declared a National Park in 1872, you will be taken back in time as your own Naturalist Guide helps you begin your journey of a lifetime. Take your time as you explore the Serengeti of North America, also known as the northern area of Yellowstone, home to wildlife such as bison, elk, moose, coyotes, grizzly bears, and gray wolves. Observe these animals in their original habitat giving you the perfect opportunity to take post card perfect pictures. On your hike to some of the nation’s most immaculate lakes, you will pass through meadows filled with wildflowers, all the while learning how Yellowstone’s wildlife and plant life have learned to co-exist. End the day by making your way back to the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel for a good nights rest, preparing you for the journey that awaits you in the morning.

Acadia National Park

Acadia National ParkAcadia National Park is on Mount Desert Island, Maine. It is a glacier-formed island in the Atlantic Ocean and is in North Maine. There are several towns along the shores of Acadia National Park. Visitors to this National Park should plan on most of the activities being outdoors. You will find the people friendly, relaxed and folksy and the food from the sea is hearty. Nature will fill the senses and your group will learn about the environment just by viewing the surroundings and hiking the many miles of trails in and around the mountains and shorelines. Animals abound in the forest and wilderness. Even birds that are on the verge of extinction have found refuge in the cliffs of Acadia. No matter the season you visit, bring warm clothes, your camera, and your binoculars as you will want to see all you can up close and capture the moments for your scrap book.

Harlem Hip Hop Tour

New York City is one of the most popular destinations for group travel, and these theme attractions are full of reasons why. It’s exciting, and every step of it lets you connect to a specific culture. That culture is hip hop; and if it’s part of your daily life, you’re going to love every one of these behind-the-scenes experiences. We can help you customize any New York City tour!

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Carnegie Hall Tours

If you have any musical aspirations, you have probably imagined playing in Carnegie Hall, one of New York City’s premier music venues. There are several music halls in the building. There are five levels of seating, and the halls are renowned for their excellent acoustics. The halls are full of history and memorabilia from the amazing performances the hall has seen since its inception, including signatures from the legendary performers themselves. Carnegie Hall is an icon of classical music. Its rich history and astounding beauty make it the perfect attraction for New York City tours.

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Nathaniel Hawthorne House

The birthplace of Nathaniel Hawthorne (at 54 Turner Street in Salem) now rests next to theTurner-Ingersoll Mansion, one of the oldest 17th century wood mansions still standing and the very house that inspired Hawthorne’s novel, The House of the Seven Gables. Together these homes make a thrilling memorial to the famous author, providing a glimpse into both fact (with some of his own furnishings and items) and fiction. (The Turner-Ingersoll Mansion includes a penny shop like the one opened in Hawthorne’s famous novel). The tours here are guided, so you’re sure to gain a deeper understanding of Hawthorne himself, his work, and the world in which he lived that inspired his well-known literary works.

Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum

This is where you can experience the Hannibal of Mark Twain’s childhood, rich with the details that inspired his beloved stories. Your self-guided tour takes you through eight properties, including Samuel Clemens’ boyhood home and two museums filled with artifacts and thrilling pieces from history. Some of these include Mark Twain’s Oxford gown and fifteen original Norman Rockwell paintings.

The Mark Twain Cave

Though made famous by the writings of Samuel Clemens (known world-wide as Mark Twain), the Mark Twain cave was discovered by a hunter named Jack Sims when his dog chased an animal into an opening in the cave. The rest is truly history as the cave became frequented by Clemens and featured in at least one of his novels. It is the oldest show cave in Missouri and has been featuring tours for over a century. On your tour, you’ll discover all sorts of its uses throughout history, including its role as a hiding place for Jesse James and in the famous Underground Railroad.

National Vigilance Park

The aircraft and explanatory signs and benches throughout the National Vigilance Park tell the previously unwritten stories of those who put themselves in the line of fire to collect important data about those who would cause us harm. The park seeks to revere a profession that has often made Americans squirm.

DEA Museum

The DEA Museum is located in Arlington, VA, near the Pentagon City Mall. It welcomes those 10 years of age and over to come to the location. Their mission is to educate visitors on the history of the Drug Enforcement Administration and on the impact of drug addiction from the past to the present day. Some featured exhibits include: Illegal Drugs in America, Good Medicine, Bad Behavior, as well as virtual exhibits. Illegal Drugs in America exhibit depicts the story of the history of drugs in the United States. The U.S. Drug Enforcement administration was founded in 1973. The agency was created to enforce federal drug laws. Today the biggest challenge for the DEA is to control the dramatic change with regard to organized crime. Good Medicine, Bad Behavior, emphasizes drug diversion in the United States. Specifically, the exhibit explores the issue of prescription substance abuse and how it is gripping America today. It is interactive and Features include the following: recreations of period pharmacies, depictions of significant cases, and displays illustrating the impact of these substances on the human body. There is also a resources section available for visitors to gain more information on this important subject. You may take literature home from this part of the exhibit. Rogue internet pharmacies are also highlighted in the display. The group will come out of the DEA Museum with a further understanding of drug abuse in our country both in the past and the current issues that are taking place today.