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Ponce De Leon Lighthouse

On your group tour to Daytona Beach you may want to experience the view at the Ponce De Leon Lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in 1883. The group can take a tour of the location as part of the experience. There are a few tour options available for the group to explore. One of the options is known as the Climb with the Keeper Tour which is a specialized program. During the experience, your group will have the opportunity to examine various areas of the lighthouse. You will also learn about the history and what it takes for it to function. You will see the three Keeper’s Dwellings, the Oil Storage House, and the Lens Exhibit Building. The group will also have the opportunity to climb with the keeper to the Lantern Room where you will get an informative tour and will examine the tower’s third order Fresnel lens. Your group will also learn what it took to maintain the beautiful lighthouse optic and how it has been restored to its original condition. Another option is the Climb the Moon Tour where your group will enjoy breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and Florida’s tallest lighthouse. You will also see the World’s Famous Beach and the Coastal Wetlands during a sunset. The group can toast the full moon with a sparkling beverage as it rises above the Atlantic Ocean. The lighthouse keeper will take you on a journey into the past where visitors will discover the unique history of this National Historic Landmark. This tour is offered once a month when the moon is at its fullest.

Speed Park Motorsports

During your adult group tour in Daytona Beach you may want to have some fun at Speed Park Motorsports. If you are looking for super-fast Go-Karts or want to play an arcade game, Speed Park is the place to visit. People of all ages will enjoy this fast action adventure. Speed Park Motorsports has a total of three Go-Kart tracks for your group to explore. They have the Thunder Mania Track, the Grand Prix Track and the Super Kart Track. The group can also race in the Nitro Alley Dragsters which go from zero to 75 MPH in seconds. The park has rookie karts and also those for more experienced drivers. In order to race in the Super Karts, you much provide a valid drivers license. These fun Go-Karts top out at 45 MPH. The Super Karts are a recent addition to Speed Park. The park also contains a Mega Arcade where your group can play a variety of games during the visit. There are racing games, classics, and a new redemption area available for your entertainment. You will find fun games such as Nascar Racing, Dead Heat, Fast Furious Drift, Super Bikes, Dragon Punch, Donkey Kong, and Pit Stop. There is also a party room at the park for birthday parties. The Nitro Alley Dragster is the only attraction in the county where you will have control of a real dragster. At the beginning of the race, you will be pulling 2 G’s and almost three by the time you make it to the finish line. Speed Park is fun for groups of all sizes.

Jackie Robinson Ballpark

Jackie Robinson Ballpark is a great attraction to take your group to in Daytona Beach. On March 17, 1946, Jackie Robinson played his first baseball game at the City Island Ballpark in Daytona Beach. This was the first integrated professional baseball game. The park was renamed in 1990 and is now known as the Jackie Robinson Ballpark as a result of that first game. The group can look at displays in the Jackie Robinson Museum as part of their experience. The ballpark’s River Walk has plaques and activities that help the group understand Robinson’s athletic abilities and sociological impacts. A timeline that displays his accomplishments both on and off the field. It is located on the western wall of the Daytona Cubs Clubhouse. Your student group can also look at the displays that tell stories about famous barrier breakers in the picnic porch of the park. The picnic porch was the Jim Crow section which was common during the first half of the 20th century. Jackie Robinson is part of the Baseball Hall of Fame and he was known for his trademark steals of home plate. There is a display where visitors can read about how he accomplished this task. Your group can also try it for yourselves on the base path. There are also interactive displays which are for basketball and track and field, two activities that Jackie Robinson enjoyed during his time. The tour of the ballpark is a self-guided tour and your group may take photos of any of the memorabilia of this famous African-American baseball legend.

Daytona Lagoon Waterpark

During your adult group trip to Daytona Beach you may want to stop by the Daytona Lagoon Waterpark. The location has both wet and dry attractions. There are 12 thrilling speed slides and other fun rides. There is also a lazy river and a huge wave pool. Your group will have a good time enjoying the water and the dry attractions at the park. The rides at the Daytona Lagoon Waterpark are exciting for your adult group to enjoy. While experiencing Blackbeard’s Revenge, you will climb a 62 foot tower and then slide into a winding tunnel of darkness. Daytona Lagoon has a new slide known as Kraken’s Conquest. During the thrilling experience, your group will race on one of four lanes of a 55 foot tower to the bottom where you will splash into the water. The Central Slide Complex contains three slides on one tower. Your group can take a trip down the Canyon, the Cave or the Cavern. The park is open year-round but the waterpark is closed after Labor Day. However, there are several fun dry attractions for your group to explore. For example, there is the Grand Prix Go-Kart race Track where you will experience hairpin turns and blinding straightaways. Miniature Golf is a fun game to play with your adult group. There are two nine-hole golf courses which intertwine through the Go-Kart Track and the Waterpark. Visitors may also want to climb the Rock Wall and challenge one another to see who will make it to the top. The wall is 25 feet high. There is also a Mega Arcade with tons of fun games and awesome prizes for the group to enjoy.

Daytona Beach Boardwalk

During your adult group visit to Daytona Beach you may want to spend time on the Daytona Beach Boardwalk. The group can shop, dine, and enjoy the water all in one area. There are also other entertainment attractions to enjoy during your time on the Boardwalk. The Boardwalk has several amusement attractions for your group to enjoy. One of the attractions is called the Joyland Amusement Center which is where you will find the Sandblaster Roller-coaster. There is also a giant ferris wheel, go-carts and a fun arcade in the area. Your group will also have the opportunity to enjoy entertaining Street Performers. There are also several concerts on the Boardwalk during the summer months. If you are looking for some delicious food, the Daytona Beach Boardwalk has plenty of restaurants to explore. For example, the Peer Restaurant where the group can enjoy quality cuisine along with cocktails and other beverages. Philip’s Sweet Shop offers yummy sweet treats. If your group is looking for a gift, the Daytona Beach Boardwalk has plenty of items to offer. Lisa’s Gift Shop is a great place to search for that awesome souvenir whether it is for you, a friend, or family member back home. You will find beach towels, shirts, and other memorabilia at the different shops. When you are finished shopping, you can jump in the water for some fun in the sun with your adult group. The view is spectacular along the boardwalk. You can catch fish off of the pier and take a photo with your prize-winning catch for a souvenir.

Daytona International Speedway

During your adult group tour to Daytona Beach you may want to stop by the Daytona Beach International Speedway. They offer track tours to adult groups that can range from 30 minutes to three hours in length. There have been several famous racing legends that have driven on the track. The Daytona 500 is an annual event where you will get to see drivers competing for the winning position. Your group can choose from a variety of track tours. One of the tours is known as the All Access Tour where your group will have the opportunity to explore the track and surrounding areas. During the experience, you will be guided to areas such as the NASCAR Sprint Cup Garages and Tech Inspection, the Drivers Meeting Room, Pit Road, and the Coca-Cola Theater. When you are in the theater, you will get a close-up look at the Daytona 500 Champion Car. Another option is the Speedway Tour where your adult group will get a behind-the-scenes look at what makes Daytona the “world center of racing.” During the tour, you will get to take a ride through Daytona International Speedway’s infield. The group will also witness the 31-degree high banks and pass through the NASCAR Garages. During this portion, the group will learn about the history of the speedway. The tour also includes a ride down Pit Road where the top drivers prepare for the largest race of the year. The tour is 30 minutes long. Your group may also want to explore the Daytona Speedway Corporation archives where you will find race trophies, race cars, and one-of-a-kind racing artifacts.