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Six Flags White Water

Caravans of summer sun and fun seekers on Atlanta escapades will want to incorporate a refreshing splash-fest at Six Flags White Water park into their Peach State agenda! In 2012, this 69-acre water park located northwest of Atlanta hosted 505,000 visitors, grabbing it the #12 spot on the list of top water parks in North America. An exciting variety of popular and unique thrills, family and kiddie rides and attractions treat waterdogs of all ages and propensities to a rip-roaring summer cool-off session; Thursday nights, June 12 through July 31st, new Special Feature “Dive In Movies” afford late-night pool partiers the best seat in the “Atlanta Ocean” – catch a flick while you float beneath the stars! Plenty of snack shacks and food carts tender famished floaters and tired tubers a plethora of refueling options-pizza and pretzels, nachos,  funnelcakes, foot long corn dogs, burgers and chili cheese fries, Chinese and Mexican, smoothies and waffle cones-feast til you can feast no more! Whatever you do, don’t go home without a souvenir or two- surely, someone back home will wish they’d come along on your wet and wild Six Flags White Water extravaganza!

Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags Over Georgia Ride

Credit Kevin C.

After the wild success of his original Six Flags park in Texas, founder Angus Wynne began his quest for the ideal location for a second park and ultimately settled on a parcel of land situated along the Chattahoochee River just west of the sunny Peach State city of Atlanta. In 1964, the new entertainment complex broke ground and in 1967, the 290-acre theme park opened – replete with a supporting cast of popular cartoon and super hero characters – and Six Flags became the first multi-gate theme park operator in the United States. Groups of die-hard adrenaline junkies and coasterheads on Atlanta excursion jonesing for the ultimate terror tear  to break up a “safe” itinerary of feasting, shopping and sightseeing need look no further than Six Flags Over Georgia for an outrageous roundup of the most heart-pounding, hair-whipping, stomach-dumping rides-some of the fastest, tallest and wildest in the country. A complete range of tamer rides and quintessential “family” entertainment caters to those less intrepid types tagging along to keep them out of your hair while you feed your need for speed and crush your crave for crazy; a smorgasbord of fun, classic choices- All-American fare, healthy snacks, delectable sweets and a “world” of culinary delights – ensure foodies their perfect fuel. Word to the adventurous grasshopper: ride first, eat later! Don’t forget to grab a souvenir or two before you call it a day; you’ll find an awesome assortment of merchandise, memorabilia and fun ride photo ops for a perfectly personalized commemoration of your group’s Six Flags Over Georgia adventure.

Sweet Auburn Historic District

No Peach State hiatus would be complete without a visit to Atlanta’s wonderful Sweet Auburn District, a mile-and-a-half long historic neighborhood concentrated along Auburn Avenue, just east of bustling Downtown Atlanta-an area rich with the history, heritage and achievements of Atlanta’s prominent black citizens. Wander and explore the streets where Martin Luther King, Jr. was born and raised and where many African Americans established flourishing businesses, congregations, and social organizations despite enforced restrictions of the day. The six-square block, traditionally black neighborhood housed Atlanta’s affluent and educated African American community from the turn of the century through the ‘60s; today, it is home to the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site which includes a captivating visitor’s center allowing guests to explore MLK’s crucial role in the Civil Rights movement, the restored King Birth Home, burial sites of the beloved Dr. and his wife, the Ebenezer Baptist Church Museum, where he co-pastored with his father and the International Walk of Fame – an interactive memorial created from the bronzed footprints of influential Civil Rights activists. Hungry historians will be delighted to find an authentic taste of the old South at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market – one of Atlanta’s premier farmer’s markets since 1918, tendering health-conscious shoppers fresh produce, meats and dairy from local and organic farms as well as classic Southern delights from Sweet Auburn Barbecue. Annually, a vibrant neighborhood arts community hosts Springfest – the South’s largest African-American heritage festival – and the National Black Arts Festival which attracts nearly 500,000 people over the course of an exciting, three-day celebration.

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Fernbank Museum

Fernbank Musuem Exterior

Credit Kevin C.

Fernbank Museum, conveniently located East of Midtown Atlanta, is more than just another attraction. It’s a thrilling expedition to another time and place, a fantastic, fossil-floored refuge from the day-to-day and an absolutely immersive experience unlike any other! A host of permanent features and exhibitions in addition to an exciting series of ever-changing special presentations and an IMAX theatre treat visitors to the Museum to an exhilarating voyage across the boundless universe of entertaining discovery. “Giants of the Mesozoic” recreates life in the badlands of Patagonia, Argentina; a realistically staged prehistoric battle of epic proportions unfolds in the Museum’s Great Hall. “A Walk Through Time” tells the two-fold story of Georgia’s natural history and the development of our planet with a series of lifelike dioramas that capture the sights and sounds of the Peach State’s main geographic regions. “Conveyed in Clay: Stories from St. Catherines Island” features a selection of objects from an expansive collection of over one million artifacts recovered from archaeological work on St. Catherines Island, Georgia, and explores thousands of years of human history by examining how the indigenous peoples of North America adapted to changes in natural and cultural conditions through the evolution of their pottery. The carefully-plotted, illuminated nighttime “Star Gallery” provides habitual sky watchers a “stellar” opportunity to learn about the celestial bodies that can be seen with the naked eye. Interactive special exhibit “Whales, Giants of the Deep” plunges spellbound guests into the mysterious and breathtaking underwater world of these enormous mammals, exploring their curious habits, magical song and nature of their relationship with humans through a unique fusion of science, legend and lore. Once you’ve explored ‘til you can explore no more, grab a seat at the Fernbank Café and enjoy delicious deli-style sandwiches, hot, fresh soups and other classic fare in this spacious dining area featuring a spectacular view of the Fernbank Forest Overlook; be sure to pop by the Museum Store to pick up a perfect memento or two of your adventure. The Museum’s mission is “to inspire life-long learning of natural history through immersive programming and unmatched experiences to encourage a greater appreciation of our planet and its inhabitants.” Come, and enjoy their mission-accomplished!

Atlanta Braves Hall of Fame

Groups of Braves fans on Atlanta excursion won’t want to miss an opportunity to see their favorite ball club rock and roll at exciting, state-of-the-art landmark venue Turner Field just south of downtown and south of I-20! A calendar of special promotion and giveaway events gives you the heads-up on cool happenings so you can customize your Braves ballpark extravaganza-post game concerts, Friday Night Fireworks, Theme Nights, Awareness days, Foundation and Alumni weekends, Bobblehead nights and more! Arrive early and do a little shopping-an awesome variety of Braves merchandise is available around the park; enjoy a game decked out in authentic gear and show off your group’s team spirit! How about a seat in the All-You-Can-Eat section? Nothing better than a “bark in the park” and icy cold refreshment-that notorious “Hotlanta”  sun can spark a mighty thirst. Got a travel buddy with a birthday coming up or looking to acknowledge that special someone back home? A donation to the Braves Foundation lets groups create a wonderful, lasting memory at  any Atlanta Braves regular season game with a personalized in-game message displayed on the Turner Field Strike Out board!

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High Museum of Art

High Museum of Art

Credit Kevin C.

This magnificent institution, founded in 1905 and located in Midtown Atlanta’s vibrantly diverse arts and business district,  houses a fabulous display of more than 14,000 prominent multi-genre works of art include important 19th- and 20th-century American and European art, decorative, modern and contemporary art , African and Folk art and fine photography. Its permanent assemblage includes works by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Claude Monet, Martin Johnson Heade, Dorothea Lange, Clarence John Laughlin, and Chuck Close; in 1929, 29 Renaissance and Baroque paintings and sculptures from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation were donated, establishing the elegant core of the High Museum of Art’s European art collection. Notable highlights of the Kress benefaction include Tiepolo’s Roman Matrons Making Offerings to Juno, Giovanni Bellini’s Madonna and Child and Tommaso del Mazza’s Madonna and Child with Six Saints. The High places special emphasis on supporting and collecting pieces by Southern self-taught artists, such as Howard Finster, and showcases a contextual installation of sculpture and paintings from his Paradise Gardens. Visitors wishing to dine at the High are treated to menus from CJ’s Coffee Cart, High Café-serving fresh cafeteria fare and Table 1280-a full service restaurant featuring local, farm-to-fork offerings for everyone to enjoy.

Baltimore Orioles

When your adult group visits Baltimore, you should check out a game at the Baltimore Oriole Ballpark. It became the official home of the Baltimore Orioles on April 6, 1992. The location is close to several attractions including the Babe Ruth Birthplace Museum. Visitors can enjoy a game and purchase souvenirs as part of the experience.


In the course of the visit, group members will have the opportunity to walk around the ballpark. You will see areas such as the club level suites, the press level and the Baltimore Orioles dugout. Visitors will learn about how the park has continued to change the baseball fan’s experience since it opened in 1992. The group will also be treated to a historical perspective of the Camden Yards area which includes the ballpark and surrounding area. Group members will learn about the history of the B and O Railroad, Baltimore’s famous Inner Harbor and baseball legend Babe Ruth.


The B and O Warehouse is a landmark located beyond right field. It is the longest building on the East Coast. The eight story building provides unique office space for the Orioles and other tenants. A 432-foot home run drive will reach the Warehouse if it hugs the right field line.


The group will also have the opportunity to visit the Orioles Legends Park. There are six larger-than-life bronze sculptures of the six greatest Orioles of all-time. There are individuals such as Frank Robinson, Brooks Robinson, Earl Weaver, Eddie Murray and Cal Ripken Jr. The sculptures range from seven to eight feet in scale.

National Cryptologic Museum

The National Cryptologic Museum is located next to the National Security Agency’s Headquarters, in Baltimore, Maryland. The location opened in December of 1993. It features exhibits, tours, and the Museum Library. This location is the only Cryptology Museum in the nation. While visiting, you will find several fascinating exhibits to observe. These include the following: the 18th Century Cipher Device Exhibit, African American Experience Exhibit, the Biometrics Exhibit, the American Civil War Exhibit, American Revolutionary War: Revolutionary Secrets, Cold War: GRAB II Elint Satellite Exhibit, and Cold War: USS Liberty Exhibit. The African American Experience Exhibit features influential African American senior advisers that worked in the field of cryptology. The Biometrics Exhibit focuses on biometric technology which is a way for a person’s identity to be authenticated. The national Security Agency plays a role in the research of biometric technology as it relates to gaining access to sensitive information. Examples of biometrics include fingerprinting, facial recognition, and voice recognition.

Baltimore Museum of Art

Baltimore Museum of Art Entrance

Credit Visit Baltimore

Located in Maryland is the Baltimore Museum of Art. The location features several tours, collections, and exhibitions for visitors to enjoy. Adult and family programs are also offered. The museum holds 90,000 works of art. Featured exhibitions include the following, works by Pablo Picasso, Paul Cezanne, the largest holding of works by Henri Matisse in the world, and Vincent van Gogh. Your group may also enjoy viewing the Sculpture Gardens which feature a 100-year survey of modern and contemporary sculpture. These beautiful gardens are on a nearly three acre landscape in the heart of the city. The location offers a variety of tours. These include: Group Tours, Audio Tours, Self-guided Tours, and Drop-in Tours. On the group tour guests will be led by a docent on a one hour tour that can be tailored to fit the needs of the group. Another tour available is the Artful Stories: a BMA Family Tour which is an audio-guided exploration of 20 items in the collection. There are a variety of collections for your viewing pleasure. These include but are not limited to the following: African, American, European, Antioch Mosaics, Asian Contemporary, Modern, Native American, and Textiles. This location is fascinating and fun for the entire group. You will see many interesting works of art and also get to tour the museum as well.

USS Constellation

While your group is in Baltimore, you should consider checking out the USS Constellation. The ship was launched on September 7, 1797. In December of 1799, the ship sailed to the West Indies. Visitors will have the opportunity to see exhibits and check out the ship itself as part of the experience. The visit should begin at the Museum Gallery. Group members will learn about the history of the USS Constellation. Guests can check out fascinating artifacts and personal effects from some of the crewmembers. After looking at the artifacts in the museum, your group can climb aboard the ship and examine her inner-workings and learn about her fascinating history. There are crewmembers on board the ship to answer questions pertaining to the history of the vessel. The USS Constellation is one of four historic ships located in Baltimore.


Visitors will have the opportunity to check out the four decks of the vessel as part of the experience. The top deck is known as the spar deck and is where all sailing operations took place. The next deck is known as the gun deck. This is the area where the ship’s main battery of guns, the Captain’s Cabin and the Galley are located. As your group explores further, you will come to the berth deck which is the place where the majority of the crewmembers lived and socialized. The final deck is known as the ship’s hold. This area is where food, water and gear for a crew of 325 was stowed. Group members can do things such as pull on some lines, participate in a gun drill or see what is cooking in the galley in the course of the visit.