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Philadelphia Duck Tour

Ride the Ducks The Ride the Duck Tour Company has a location in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is a sightseeing experience you won’t want to miss! It is perfect for families, family reunions, and organizational events. These land and water vehicles are amazing and fun. Your group may want to view the historic streets and neighborhoods or splash down in the water for an exciting cruise! DURING these tours, the group can quack along with the captain and the music. The captain is entertaining and mixes music, fun and history into an interactive land and water unique experience. While on the tour, the captain will tell fascinating stories about the past and the present. Group members will be educated about history, famous personalities, and the area’s impact on the state and nation. The ducks are climate controlled so you can go on a tour rain or shine. You will also ride by many interesting local attractions and historic sights. Enjoy the entertainment and fun on the tour and even dance in your seat along with the fun music!

Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary EntranceEastern State Penitentiary is a historic site located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The prison was founded in 1829. It was in use for 142 years, closing in 1971. At one time, the penitentiary was the most expensive building in the United States. The Wagon wheel floor plan was the model used to reform criminals. This model focused on strict isolation of the prisoners. There are 300 prisons over four continents that have since adopted this model. The location is also known for its grand architecture. Your group is sure to experience interesting sights while touring the facility. There are various options to consider when planning a trip.  These may include but are not limited to: hands-on history demonstrations, interactive audio voice tours, and observing exhibits in the prison Museums. These three tours are included in the cost of admission. The hands-on history tours involve group participation. They are offered in the regular season but can also be booked in the winter months. These demonstrations are shorter in length usually five minutes or less. One possible choice is for you to learn how to unlock an escape-proof iron cell door. During the audio tour, guests will be provided with an Mp3 player and headset. You will find an audio guide to help you through the complex. Listen to guards, wardens, and inmates that describe their prison experiences. This will enhance the walkthrough for the group immensely! The penitentiary has housed some famous prisoners. These include, Willie Sutton and Al Capone. While touring the location your group will be able to see Capone’s restored 19th century cell, hear stories of inmate escapes, and marvel at the exquisite art installations. There is also an annual tour for your group to consider called “Behind Terror Walls.” This is offered in the fall. Winter Adventure Tours are also available for the group to enjoy as well. Eastern State Penitentiary is a one of a kind prison with an interesting historical background.

Civil War & Underground Museum

The Civil War and Underground Railroad Museum is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Museum interprets the struggle for freedom, equality and national unity in 19th-century America, to inspire a better understanding of that struggle and a renewed dedication to its importance today. During a visit to the Museum, the group will encounter real things that belonged to the real people who “lived” during the Civil War. Featured artifacts include the following: clothes, supplies, arms they used, the relics of those who fought and died for freedom we cherish, and the compelling stories that went with those struggles. The location has a library, bookstore, and offers various programs to its visitors. The holdings in the library include: regimental and unit histories, biographies and memoirs, published diaries and letters, and works on topics such as abolitionism and slavery, naval history, women in the Civil War, espionage, medicine, and surgery. The tours offered are interpretive and use reenactments to educate visitors. The Featured tours include: the Ream’s Station Tour, the First Day at Chancellorsville Tour, the Mine Run Tour, the Slaughter pen Farm Tour, the Spring Hill Tour,  and the Third Winchester Tour.

Pentagon Memorial

Pentagon Memorial at Night

Credit Destination DC

The Pentagon Memorial is located in Washington, D.C. It commemorates the 184 lives lost in the Pentagon and on American Flight 77 during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. This Memorial encompasses 1.93 acres and sits on the western side of the Pentagon. Each victim has an individual unit bench engraved with their name, hovering over a pool of water that glows with light at night. The units are organized by a timeline based on the ages of the victims and are placed along age lines parallel with the trajectory of Flight 77, each marked with a birth year, ranging from 1998 to 1930. The Pentagon Memorial was dedicated and officially opened to the public on September 11, 2008. The construction of the location was funded by private donations. Centex Lee LLC built the Memorial and it was designed by Julie Beckman and Keith Kaseman. It was commissioned by the Washington Headquarters Service in 2003. If the group would like an audio tour, they are available through dialing a number and listening to a 24-minute guide. You will be shown to different points of interest throughout the memorial.

World’s Largest Toy Factory

Here you will find the toys you had as a kid as well as the ones you wish you could have had! It is like Christmas everyday when you visit the World’s Largest Toy Museum. Members of your group love being able to remember their childhood toys and there is no better place to do it than at a toy museum!

Titanic Museum

Titanic Museum Entrance

Credit Branson CVB

The wildly popular “Titanic Museum Attraction” in entertainment capitol Branson, Missouri is described as “the most lavish monument to the sea’s most famous disaster” as well as the “best storytelling museum in the world!” Staged on a beautiful, eerily-true half-scale replica of the legendary luxury liner Titanic built by John Joslyn, the man who led a 1987 expedition to her actual resting place, the Museum tenders groups out and about on Show Me State holiday a totally immersive, absolutely unforgettable two hour tour experience. Step through the iceberg, receive your boarding ticket (with the name of an actual passenger on it) and travel back in time to that darkest day as you imagine yourself anticipating a cruise to end all cruises, blissfully unaware of the deadly frozen obstacle lying just ahead in the frigid, black waters. Ascend the grand staircase, masterfully steer the ship, touch an “iceberg,” and practice transmitting a desperate SOS signal; hear the stories of famous passengers who sailed on Titanic’s fateful maiden voyage. The night of the unspeakable tragedy, the ill-fated vessel’s eight faithful musician’s played their hearts out as the ship and its passengers slipped beneath the icy surface of the Atlantic; they are wonderfully honored in a new and thrilling, world-exclusive tribute exhibit detailing their lives and legacies as true heroes. At the end of your amazing Titanic adventure, you and your travel partners learn whether “your” passengers survived the horrible disaster – or perished along with most of the guests – and the stoic Captain – in frigid 28 degree waters!

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is located on Spruce Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The location is one of the city’s hidden treasures, representing a solemn and fitting testament to the sacrifices of 646 “native sons.” The south wall of the memorial is a semi-circle that contains the 646 names slightly raised in the center on a higher plane which is opposite of the north wall. The group will be able to view the “wall of scenes” which is comprised of 10 panels, which include 8 images of famous war photographs. The panels are seven-foot-by-five-foot and depict scenes beginning with the launching of aircraft from a US carrier in August of 1964 and the concluding scene is the rescue of Vietnamese refugees. You will find that between both walls that there are a series of four raised levels with granite ledges which lead up to the south wall containing the names of those individuals whose “home of record” was Philadelphia. The mmemorial was dedicated in 1987.

Historic Downtown Branson

Groups in search of the quintessential Show Me State holiday will not want to miss a visit to wonderfully nostalgic Historic Downtown Branson, a destination in itself, featuring the very best in shopping, dining, entertainment, galleries and special events and famous local attractions all steeped in charming, old-time ambiance. Hop the free trolley from Branson Landing and experience all the heartwarming, days-gone-by wonder of bustling Downtown! The Centennial Museum is a fine culmination of years of passion and love of the rich heritage and history of Branson and Taney County folk, presenting a series of rotating and mini exhibits and a variety of fascinating displays and is a definite must-see while visiting the District; admission is free. Branson Hot Hits Theatre features live Do-
Wop and Motown performances…and coffee cake! Branson Scenic Railway takes guests on narrated round-trip luxury train excursions through the stunning Ozark Countryside while ever-popular Branson Ghosts and Legends Tour is chockfull of local history, mystery, legends and stories of the past; follow brave guides through the spooky dark streets and alleyways of Downtown on a spine-tingling, 90 minute ghost hunting experience. Main Street Lake Cruises offer incredible sightseeing and dinner cruises and scenic tours aboard the Lake Queen, a modern-day riverboat replica, or the Landing Princess, a 100’ luxury yacht, as well as paddle boat rentals on beautiful Lake Taneycomo. Visit the Arkansas Diamond Mine for an authentic bauble or bangle to commemorate your Branson getaway or hit up the Downtown Flea Market and see if you don’t score that perfect must-have treasure! Treat yourself to a relaxing spa visit-tune up that tan, indulge in adventure-worthy nails or a new do, or just relax your cares away before dinner – talented full-service day spa and salon attendants ensure your wish is their command! Downtown happenings staged throughout the year – Plum Nellie Days, the Old Time Fiddle Contest, Autumn Daze Arts and Crafts Festival , Santa’s Workshop, the Adoration Parade and Lighting Ceremony and the Spring Fling Drag Race and Car Show -continue to draw the crowds –there’s something for everyone. Local eateries tender hungry groups satisfying breakfast, lunch and dinner menus featuring classic American fare, fresh sandwiches, burgers and shakes, pizza and Italian, great steaks, authentic Mexican and all your favorite sweet treats – homemade fudge, desserts, ice cream and candy that will tickle those childhood tastebuds and nicely cap your tour of friendly Historic Downtown Branson!

The Smithsonian Institute

Smithsonian Castle Towers

Credit Destination DC

The Smithsonian Institute has got to be one of the favorite attractions of the many tourists that visit Washington, D.C. every year! Consisting of 19 different museums on almost every topic you could think of and even a zoo, this museum is a wonderful way to spend a day in Washington, D.C. African Art, Air and Space, American Art, American History, American Indians, Natural History, there’s a museum for all of these and more! With tons of artifacts and exhibitions, this is one of the most famous museums in the country, and they’re great with kids of all ages! There are even interactive exhibits offered at many of the different museums that are sure to get everyone interested! These museums alone are enough reason to come to Washington, D.C. This is something everyone in your group will love and it will show them how to see the world in many different lights! See artifacts as historic as the first working airplane, a T-Rex skeleton, original Native American artifacts, the Hope Diamond, and so much more in this amazing string of museums that no one will want to miss. The Smithsonian Institution is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for something educational and beneficial for your traveling group! With an adequate amount of information for your travel group, you simply can’t afford to miss a museum like this! Don’t let your group be one of the few to miss out on this amazing opportunity to see the world and all it has to offer at one of the biggest and best museums in American history!

Dixie Stampede

Here is the place to take your travel group for a good meal and entertainment. Before the show starts, you can take some time and stroll through the stables to see all the horses and head into Carriage Room to view the opening act. Dixie Stampede offers a four course meal with your show. These country home-style meals are sure to make your group happy and the show will be like none you have ever experienced before.